The Apple iPad

The Apple iPad creates a paid content model opportunity for magazine publishers in the digital world. The Apple Ipad is a product  that provides the convenience of print online and a bit more. It enables you to engage with magazine content in a manner that is similar in dimensions to your typical magazine with full … Continue reading

The Kindle DX

You can buy books, newspaper, magazines and blogs on the Kindle DX. The Kindle DX eReader is the device produced by Amazon using e-ink technology. The Kindle came to Canada in November 2009, even though it has been available in the USA since 2007. It is now available in over 100 countries. The Kindle currently … Continue reading

Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-6000

Over 10 million books downloaded since 2006 on the Sony Reader Store Being a fan of Sony products all my life, I waited with keen anticipation of my Sony Reader to play with. After playing with the Kobo for the past two weeks I wanted to see what Sony had to offer. They sent me … Continue reading