Blackberry Z10 Product Review – Blackberry comes out swinging

The latest salvo in the smartphone wars by Blackberry (formerly RIM) through the BB Z10 launch on January 30 in Canada has the risk of any product launch…you hope you have a hit. It looks like they the did their homework and followed a textbook product launch of a market leader with a big marketing … Continue reading

Windows 8 Review – A look at Windows 8 ecosystem

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held January in Las Vegas is the biggest technology event on the planet. One new product that caught people’s attention at the show was Tactus’ bubble screen technology. It is pretty cool. Tactile keyboard buttons magically pop up on the tablet screen and disappear when you do not need the … Continue reading

Nokia 900 4.3“ Windows Phone. Will there be a Window’s phone or tablet in your Xmas stocking this year?

The partnership between Nokia and Windows for a new generation of smartphones can be seen in the Nokia 900 series smartphones. The Windows 8 version the 920 was just released for this Xmas along with the launch of the Window 8 desktop OS and Surface tablet by Microsoft. This model gave me a chance to … Continue reading

Infographics – The new digital fast-food for web content

My fascination with infographics started 18 months ago, when I met Jennifer Windsor, an art director from Edmonton, at the Alberta Magazines Conference. She mentioned that she wanted to do some post-graduate studies on infographics. Since then, I have been keeping a watchful eye on the usage of infographics as a creative form of expression … Continue reading

The Google Nexus 7 Tablet – Another Android tablet in a crowded market

It was inevitable that Google would enter the tablet race. Google launched the Google Nexus 7 tablet this year in July, and according to press releases, it has been selling very well… or has it? When it was launched, it apparently sold out very fast in stores, but sales results were not reported. Or is … Continue reading

What is your Smartphone Strategy? A Look into the Crystal Ball

While all the talk the past year has been about tablets, we all forgot all about how important smartphones are as part of the digital mix for a magazine brand. You know the device that used to be a phone but now has a web browser, email, touch interface, camera, app store etc. I dug … Continue reading

Paid Digital Content – Creating scarcity in cyberspace : Part One – B2C

I attended some great conferences and parties in Toronto and Vancouver this past June, conferences are a good time for reflection and to learn something new. In Vancouver, I learned about a site called the “Creative Commons” ( that protects a writer’s digital distribution rights through licenses. I attended an entertaining seminar, “What it really … Continue reading

Blackberry Playbook 7” Tablet Review – Putting back the chic in the Rim brand?

How do you reinvent a Canadian success story. You start with a company with sales of $20 billion ( Size of the magazine ad market in the USA), 33% market share of the growing global smartphone market, 90% market penetration with the Fortune 500 companies for your products and the market leading mobile email encryption … Continue reading

Kindle Fire Tablet Review – E Books are here to stay

The leader in eReading technology is Amazon as they are the innovative company that invented this category with the first Kindle eReader 5 years ago using e-ink technology. Today e-books are mainstream and are available at your local library. Amazon reported in May of 2011 that digital book sales have now surpassed print sales. What … Continue reading

Acer Iconia Tab W500 Review – Is 2012 the year of Windows tablets?

With all the hype surrounding Apple and Android tablets plus the RIM train wreck story angle, a Windows tablet seems to be a forgotten product. So I thought it was prudent to have a closer look at the Acer Iconia Tab W500, a tablet that uses Windows 7. In my previous blog posts I was … Continue reading