Paid Digital Content – Creating scarcity in cyberspace : Part One – B2C

I attended some great conferences and parties in Toronto and Vancouver this past June, conferences are a good time for reflection and to learn something new. In Vancouver, I learned about a site called the “Creative Commons” ( that protects a writer’s digital distribution rights through licenses. I attended an entertaining seminar, “What it really … Continue reading

Blackberry Playbook 7” Tablet Review – Putting back the chic in the Rim brand?

How do you reinvent a Canadian success story. You start with a company with sales of $20 billion ( Size of the magazine ad market in the USA), 33% market share of the growing global smartphone market, 90% market penetration with the Fortune 500 companies for your products and the market leading mobile email encryption … Continue reading

Technology Alphabet Soup – 5 tech terms you should know

You know with technology it never stands still and there is always something new on the horizon and the tech industry likes to create new meanings for words, use acronyms for technology descriptions, or just create new words. The best example is Google, it is now a new verb in everyday parlance – “Just Google … Continue reading

Kindle Fire Tablet Review – E Books are here to stay

The leader in eReading technology is Amazon as they are the innovative company that invented this category with the first Kindle eReader 5 years ago using e-ink technology. Today e-books are mainstream and are available at your local library. Amazon reported in May of 2011 that digital book sales have now surpassed print sales. What … Continue reading

Is Print Dead? – Myth or Fact

The demise of print magazines has been forecast in the media. Every time a newspaper publisher goes bankrupt it is a chance to promote this position. But is print really dying or is just the media hype from the technology industry to sell us the latest and best widget. Or is this type of story … Continue reading

Acer Iconia Tab W500 Review – Is 2012 the year of Windows tablets?

With all the hype surrounding Apple and Android tablets plus the RIM train wreck story angle, a Windows tablet seems to be a forgotten product. So I thought it was prudent to have a closer look at the Acer Iconia Tab W500, a tablet that uses Windows 7. In my previous blog posts I was … Continue reading

2011 Year in Review – Trends and issues that magazine publishers must be aware of. Win a Kindle Fire, one winner every 3 months

Another year has gone by and we need to reflect on what we have learned so we can make adjustments to our strategic plans for 2012. I recently did an industry briefing for the Periodical Publishing Policy and Programs team at Canadian Heritage in Ottawa and here is an excerpt of that what I said … Continue reading

Marty Xmas Wish list – Tablets to buy this Christmas

The influx of tablets in the market this year provides consumers with an unprecedented wide selection to choose from. I have attempted to review some of them, but there just too many to cover in a monthly blog post. Tablets launched this year include the Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Blackberry’s Playbook and Acer’s Iconia. … Continue reading

Sony Tablet S Review – The tablet invades the living room

Finally a tablet from Sony, I have been waiting patiently for Sony to enter the tablet race with a product to take on Apple. The latest market share reports reveal that Apple’s lead is shrinking with the influx of Android based tablets in the market. According to a report in eWeek Apple now has a … Continue reading

Can magazines be the conversation medium – Another strategy to compete against Google

As magazines innovate in the digital age, I went to a book for inspiration on how magazines can adapt. This book written ten years ago titled “ The Cluetrain Manifesto “ talks about how the internet will empower individuals to tip the balance of power in the market. It talks about how the internet will … Continue reading